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The XHL International™

Playing Hockey In A Whole New Light


The XHL International™ has reconstructed hockey literally from the ice up!

The genre of new Gen-X or eXtreme professional sports and entertainment options has grown steadily in recent years. The XHL International™, LLC is poised to take advantage of that fact and apply innovative and entertaining means to evolve the sport of Hockey into a more pleasing and dynamic event for the current fans and successfully attract previously unassailable demographics.

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The XHL brings more to the audience than a new face

The XHL International™ will bring to bear the full power of multimedia and theatrical entertainment on a sport that, to date, has failed to stimulate and engage its audience beyond itís lesser, violent presentation. We also increase the excitement and flow of the actual game play. New rules and amazing visual improvements that involve our developed intellectual properties will absolutely thrill and entertain our audiences. Additionally, The XHL International™ will be more personable and fan-friendly up to and including inviting our fans to post game celebrations.

Why Change The Game Of Ice Hockey?

Traditional Hockey has experienced little or no change (except for minor rule variations) since its inception. When attending a game today the common denominator seems to be the violence associated with the sport. The XHL International™ strongly believes that this characteristic damages the sport and fails to elicit the financial potential of the game. The XHL International™ will institute player rule changes that will reduce in-game violence and draw spectator attention to the finesse and fluidity of the game.

Better Hockey For Better Profit

The XHL International™ believes that reduced violence and a stimulating and entertaining presentation of Hockey will successfully attract family entertainment revenues that the current reputation of hockey has eschewed. Reducing violence will promote greater profits in league play by garnering a wider fan demographic. The XHL International™ will target both the current hockey fan and the more family-oriented demographic market. The XHL International™ will present family friendly league games with ticket pricing strategically reduced to (anticipated) one third less than competing entertainment values.

Who Will Play?

There is no shortage of players and coaches to join The XHL International™. The league will attract players and coaches from other leagues, colleges and hockey clubs that want a change and can recognize the opportunity to become a star in The XHL International™ league.

What About Team Franchise Owners?

The XHL International™ wants to ensure all team franchises will experience an equal success as league members. The XHL International™ will utilize a Revenue Sharing business model. The success of this model has been proven and is still being proven across a wide range of industries.

The XHL invests in your success

Overall, hockey franchises have failed to perform as well, historically, as other sports franchises. Whether this is a result of consumer tastes or the negative aspects of the game as it has traditionally been played is, for the purposes of this discussion, unimportant. It is a fact.
For a potential franchise investor, or for any investor, the overall growth of the investment is the most critical factor. It is not enough that an opportunity can support itself, it must achieve sufficient growth to justify the initial investment. The XHL is committed to the success of its franchisees and will provide tremendous support both fiscally and materially to ensure the success of our teams. Read about franchises

Key Features

  • Family Oriented

    Media rich exciting sports entertainment in a fast paced, new game.

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  • Innovative

    Productized intellectual properties that enhance both the game and industry.

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  • Flexible

    Arena playing surface and number of players can be scaled down to increase profitability.

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  • Profitability

    New demographic revenues, New products, New opportunities. It's a whole New Game!

A better game of Hockey

The XHL International™ believes that traditional hockey has gone awry. The inherent violence and repute of the game has diminished it from its rightful place in the sports entertainment industry. Its time to experience what The XHL International™ can do to produce the next generation of Professional Hockey.

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